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Our Small Business Loan Experts' Most Memorable Customer Connections

Situation: Turned Down and Nowhere to go

The death of a restaurant owner resulted in his daughter inheriting the business’s numerous business accounts debt which needed fast consolidation. Turned down by other financial companies, she needed help right away to save her father’s restaurant business.

Solution: Quick Funds Saved the Company

Understanding her situation and seeing the value of extending her father’s legacy, ForwardLine was able to loan the merchant $100,000 to consolidate debt and lower her payments.

Our Small Business Loan Experts' Most Memorable Customer Connections

Situation: Bills/Expansion

Zoo owner wanted to pay off critical vendor bills and expand their business by adding additional restaurants and larger areas for the animals.

Solution: Quick Funds Expanded the Company

A quick conference call with the zoo owners and their accountant resulted in instant approval for a $100,000 funding.

Our Small Business Loan Experts' Most Memorable Customer Connections

Situation: It’s all about the Dogs!

Owners of a dog boarding and daycare center needed additional funding to expand their business.

Solution: Quick Funds Completed Expansion

The company used the funds to complete an expansion remodel. This has enabled the company to rapidly double their sales and take their business to the next level.

Our Small Business Loan Experts' Most Memorable Customer Connections

Situation: Immediate Capital Needed

A shop owner’s business was hit by a tornado and needed an immediate influx of working capital to keep the business alive. Their insurance payoff would take too long, and the need was immediate!

Solution: Quick Funds Saved the Company

Within three days of funding, the shop owner was able to do repairs and purchase equipment which allowed them to keep operating until their insurance payment arrived.

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*Loans issued by ForwardLine and/or FinWise Bank have maximum lending amounts of $150,000. All loan requests above $150,000 will be funded by one of ForwardLine’s third-party lending partners (the “Lending Partners”). ForwardLine does not guarantee the rates, fees, or repayment terms of loans made by our Lending Partners.