Time is Money. We Save You BothTM.

At ForwardLine, we are 100% FOCUSED ON SMALL BUSINESSES. We are here to help business owners make the right financing decision. Many factors go into selecting the right loan. We ask all the right questions such as when do you need the money? How long will you need to repay the loan? Are you able to provide the necessary documentation? Based on your specific circumstances, we will then recommend the right loan products. Also, we’ll navigate you through the complete loan process. After all, Time is Money. We Save You BothTM.

Most Popular Loan Options

Short Term Loans

Offers the perfect solution for any small business owner who needs quick funding. This type of loan combines larger loan amounts with shorter terms (6 months to 18 months). It also has a daily or weekly repayment via Automated Clearing House (ACH). Short term loans are available up to $500,000 and typically have higher interest rates than medium term loans. To qualify, you must have been in business at least one year and have annual sales over $100,000. This loan is ideal for those who want help smoothing out their cash flow and are looking to obtain funds quickly.

Medium Term Loans

Offers the right solution for any small business owner who does not need funding right away. Medium Term Loans are longer term loans (up to 5 years) with higher loan amounts ($500,000). These loans have fixed interest rates that are lower than shorter term financing and are repaid monthly. The application process is longer and more time-consuming. Documentation is also more intensive than a shorter-term loan. Underwriting requirements include profitability and a high FICO® score for the business owner. This loan is great for established, profitable businesses.

Finding the right financial solution for your business is essential. Our experts will help you understand the benefits and trade-offs of each loan type so you can make the right decision. At ForwardLine, our mission is to offer you the right loan solution for your business. We want to get you both ‘fast’ money and ‘smart’ money. Call us or apply online and join the thousands of small businesses we have helped grow and flourish. Our team is 100% committed to finding you the very best funding solution for your small business.

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We’ve Got You Covered!

Our mission is to get you the right loan for your business. We deliver straight-forward loan rates, terms and repayments options. Whether you want to smooth out your cash flow, expand your business or need to handle an emergency we have you covered.

Every dollar matters to a small business owner, which is why we offer some of the most competitive rates, and we don’t just mean it we GUARANTEE* it. 

We want to be your partner for success. This is why we offer transparency, instant decision and a hassle-free loan process. We’ve been helping small businesses for over 14 years and are proud that 87.5% of our customers are proud to recommend us. After all, we are all in this together.

Our Small Business Loan Experts' Most Memorable Customer Connections

Situation: Bills/Expansion

Zoo owner wanted to pay off critical vendor bills and expand their business by adding additional restaurants and larger areas for the animals.

Solution: Quick Funds Expanded the Company

A quick conference call with the zoo owners and their accountant resulted in instant approval for a $100,000 funding.

Our Small Business Loan Experts' Most Memorable Customer Connections

Situation: Turned Down and Nowhere to go

The death of a restaurant owner resulted in his daughter inheriting the business’s numerous business accounts debt which needed fast consolidation. Turned down by other financial companies, she needed help right away to save her father’s restaurant business.

Solution: Quick Funds Saved the Company

Understanding her situation and seeing the value of extending in her father’s legacy, ForwardLine was able to loan her $100,000 to pay the debt away plus lowered her payment.

Our Small Business Loan Experts' Most Memorable Customer Connections

Situation: It’s all about the Dogs!

Owners of a dog boarding and daycare center needed additional funding to expand their business.

Solution: Quick Funds Completed Expansion

The company used the funds to complete an expansion remodel. This has enabled the company to rapidly double their sales and take their business to the next level.

Our Small Business Loan Experts' Most Memorable Customer Connections

Situation: Immediate Capital Needed

A shop owner’s business was hit by a tornado and needed an immediate influx of working capital to keep the business alive. Their insurance payoff would take too long, and the need was immediate!

Solution: Quick Funds Saved the Company

Within three days of funding, the shop owner was able to do repairs and purchase equipment which allowed them to keep operating until their insurance payment arrived.

“Dealing with ForwardLine is a pleasant experience, and their concept of cash flow management is outstanding. ForwardLine provided working capital for my business at a rate far better than I was able to find from similar merchant cash advance companies. I really enjoyed working with ForwardLine-- everyone is friendly and courteous. I highly recomend this company to any business no matter what their business is. It can make you life that much easier. Thanks again for the excellent service.”

– Dwight Shackleton, Wing King of Fletcher

“ForwardLine is solid, prompt and has a great customer service staff. ForwardLine came to the rescue. They offered immediate cash flow, saving my business. I will recommend ForwardLine to all business owners. They will help you in the success of your business and stay on top. Thank you ForwardLine.”

– Raul Cantu, Pet World

“While searching for financing in today’s credit tight financial market, ForwardLine proved to be the clear winner over every other company we met with. From our very first conversation ForwardLine demonstrated a clear understanding to my financial needs. David went over and above to not only make sure those needs were met but worked in tandem with Jeff to make the transition as smooth as possible, Their terms were fair, reasonable and forthright, a rarity in today’s financial market…I could not endorse ForwardLine enough to anyone looking to secure financing for their small to medium sized business!”

– James William Alexander, Winchester Wine & Spirits

*In order to qualify for our loan rate guarantee, you must satisfy the following conditions: 1) You must be approved for a business loan from ForwardLine pursuant to our normal application and underwriting process; 2) You must submit to us in writing another company’s written loan offer (the “Competitive Offer”); 3) The Competitive Offer must be for the same amount of financing, the same loan term, and provide for similar daily repayment as your loan offer from ForwardLine; and 4) The Competitive Offer must be based on your business’ total annual sales and not be otherwise secured or collateralized. If you qualify for our loan rate guarantee, this means that we will provide you with a loan offer from ForwardLine with a lower total cost of capital than the Competitive Offer or you will receive a $100 gift card from us. If you qualify for the loan rate guarantee and we are unable to beat the Competitive Offer, you will receive the $100 gift card within 30 days of our notice to you that we are unable to beat the Competitive Offer.