From PRWeb: Data-Driven Small Business Lender Launches Next Generation Credit Algorithm by Leveraging Real-Time Customer Data to Optimize Credit Decisions

ForwardLine, a nationwide direct lender providing affordable loans to small businesses, has partnered with DemystData, a software provider that harnesses the explosive growth of data to deliver next-generation solutions to financial services clients. This new strategic partnership will allow ForwardLine to better leverage real-time data to develop robust customer profiles, resulting in faster lending decisions and an agile, automated underwriting process.

For over 14 years, ForwardLine has funded over $400 million in loans to 15,000 of America’s small businesses. ForwardLine’s current proprietary, proven credit algorithm, ForSight™ has powered ForwardLine’s funding decisions, helping the company focus on meeting the needs of small business owners. Powered by the DemystGateway, ForwardLine is introducing its next generation ForSight™ 3.0. This enhanced credit algorithm will allow ForwardLine to continue on an accelerated growth trajectory and allow the company to make agile, data-driven decisions to increase fundings, while improving outcomes.

“We’re excited to be able to harness the full power of all of our data to better support our customers,” said Steve Carlson, FowardLine’s CEO. “Improved data access and streamlined integration allows us to continue to scale and grow, so that we can efficiently serve America’s small businesses.”

“Demyst is thrilled to be able to support ForwardLine in its growth as a leading small business lender,” said Jason Mintz, DemystData’s VP Product. “The Demyst Gateway gives ForwardLine a centralized platform to access, structure, and decision in real-time against leading external data, increasing operational efficiency and data agility.”

As a result of the partnership and launch of Forsight™ 3.0, ForwardLine will:

Increase the speed of approval decisions – helping small businesses secure working capital faster
Deepen its credit risk profiles, allowing more of America’s small businesses to access the capital that they need to grow
Improve its customer profiles, resulting in better, customized support and higher approval rates
Optimize for growth, while mitigating risk and reducing potential fraud

Small businesses can apply for a ForwardLine loan at

About ForwardLine

ForwardLine Financial, a nationwide non-bank lender, has been successfully providing small businesses with fast, convenient financing alternatives to traditional business loans since 2003. ForwardLine combines technology, non-traditional credit algorithms, and a direct sales model to offer attractive pricing and address a market not captured by traditional banks. In addition to loans, the company offers payment processing services to its borrowers in order to further encourage customer loyalty

For more information, please contact Forwardline’s marketing department at 866.623.4900, email or visit the ForwardLine website at

About DemystData

DemystData is a software provider that helps financial institutions harness the explosive growth of data to serve more customers. Its cloud-based platform allows clients to explore and integrate new data more rapidly and gain a 360-degree view of data usage within their organizations. Financial institutions leverage DemystData’s software services to extend credit to new segments of customers, combat fraud, strengthen compliance, and reduce data managements costs.

With a mission to mobilize the world’s data to unlock financial services, the company partners with leading financial institutions and consulting firms to power data access within tier-one global banks, insurers, payment providers, and lenders. DemystData has offices in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Melbourne.

For more information, please contact Demyst at or visit the Demyst website at