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ForwardLine was founded on this simple principle ... we succeed by caring about our customers and helping them grow their business.

ForwardLine proudly maintains an A+ rating with the BBB, but we take the most pride in our customer feedback and testimonials.

We frequently get letters and emails from our merchants sharing how funds from ForwardLine benefited their business. That makes what we do not only fun, but also very meaningful.

You don’t have to take our word for it though – hear about the ForwardLine commitment to the best rates and the best customer service, from the ones who matter most – our clients.

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Our Customer Reviews

“ForwardLine helped us get through the slower months.
Working with ForwardLine was simple and easy. The process was minimal and the people were great to work with. We will definitely do business again in the future.”
~ Jeffrey J. Lencioni | Docks Bar & Grill
“Rates far better than I found with other merchant cash advance companies.
ForwardLine provided working capital for my businesses at a fantastic rate and ultimately provided me with better processing rates than I had previously experienced. The process was very simple and provided me with answers regarding my financing needs in a very immediate fashion.”
~ Scott Webermeier | National Park Village & The Country Supermarket
“I got many, many offers, but after comparing rates, I chose ForwardLine.
The whole process was easy compared to the runaround the banks gave me; and the funding was quick. The support personnel were fantastic, too. James and Jeff were always available during the whole process and after. They truly know the meaning of customer service.”
~ Linda Keenan | California Drawstrings
“The financing allowed me to move my franchise forward and gain an advantage over my competitors.
ForwardLine is truly a professional organization—easy to work with, and very understanding. I highly recommend ForwardLine to every small business owner.”
~ DJ Denn | Godfather’s Pizza
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“You have helped us grow from one store to 12 in less than three years.
Thanks, ForwardLine for all you've done for Pepper Palace. As we move into the future, ForwardLine will remain our first source of borrowing. You guys are a great financial resource for small businesses.”
~ Craig Migawa | Pepper Palace
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“After dealing with a number of companies, it was nice to find ForwardLine!
Not only do they have great programs and response times, but they truly care about your day-to-day business and success!”
~ John Bullard | Leisure Lifestyles
“It’s the fastest way to get some extra money to do the things you need to do for your business.
We have used ForwardLine to get money to remodel our business. The financing is easy and fast, and the people that work there are professional and amazing. We highly recommend it.”
~ Jeffrey & Pam Fry | The Color Studio & Salon
“This company is solid, prompt, and has a great customer service staff.
ForwardLine offered immediate cash flow, funding my business through a type of financing program I’d never heard of before. I recommend ForwardLine to all business owners – they will help you and your business succeed and stay on top.”
~ Raul Cantu | Pet World
"I would recommend ForwardLine to anyone.
We went through a different merchant cash advance service, and while the funds were received the process and paperwork were a headache. The next time we went through ForwardLine, and it was simple and FAST. We started on a Monday, and the funds were in our account on Friday. The staff was helpful and professional."
~ Chuck Altamore | Stillwaters Food & Service
"ForwardLine worked with us, and answered all our questions
It made us very confident about the decision we were making for the company's expansion. We were pleasantly surprised when we paid off the loans months earlier than our projections. We made the right decision for the company and we thank ForwardLine for assisting us."
~ Matthew Scott | Big City Bread Café
"We are a family owned auto repair shop, finishing up our third loan with ForwardLine.
Our relationship with them has been nothing but positive. We used our loans to buy state-of-the-art equipment, that allows us to repair almost anything. We are a seasonally-based company, and couldn't be sure our business would grow steadily. After our loan, we almost doubled our gross sales, and were able to pay off our last loan during our slow season. I could not imagine financing equipment any other way. Additionally, I reccomended ForwardLine to a fellow shop owner, who is also pleased with their service."
~ Andrew Schrank | ASC Automotive
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"When a company is a great company you know you will go back to them-- and that is just what we did.
Our first experience with ForwardLine was when we wanted to upgrade our showroom. We couldn't have been happier. We were truly impressed with their professionalism and outstanding customer service. There was no other choice except ForwardLine when were decided to borrow again. We would highly recommend trying ForwardLine if you find yourself in need of funds. We know you will not be disappointed."
~ Jody Miller | Alber's Fireplaces
"I knew ForwardLine was different from others who had reached out to me.
They explained and answered every question I had, did everything they said they would do when they said they would do it. I appreciate integrity, and ForwardLine met and exceeded every expectation. Furthermore I didn't have to go through the bank process of endless paperwork. I look forward to working with them in the future and consider them a business partner."
~ Michael Abney | Salon Dacota
"Reading the testimonials of what ForwardLine has meant to other businesses was helpful towards us contacting ForwardLine.
Everyone who handled our account was on top of things throughout the whole process. It is very gratifying for us to have been treated in such a considerate, attentive and timely manner. We acknowledged everyone involved for making the process a positive connection for ForwardLine."
~ Fred Brantely | Natural Garden and Nursery
"I am very happy to endorse ForwardLine as a source of much needed finance.
I have used their ForwardLine over the last three years and found them to be very easy to deal with. Everything is explained in advance and the facts behind the funding are easily understood. Payments are withdrawn from the Credit Card account on a very predictable basis and we had no problems."
~ Deepak Sehgal | Quality Inn- Bend
"Dealing with ForwardLine is a pleasant experience, and their concept of cash flow management is outstanding.
ForwardLine provided working capital for my business at a rate far better than I was able to find from similar merchant cash advance companies. I really enjoyed working with ForwardLine-- everyone is friendly and courteous. I highly reccomend this company to any business no matter what their business is. It can make you life that much easier. Thanks again for the excellent service."
~ Dwight Shackleton | Wing King of Fletcher
"I highly recommend ForwardLine and we will always consider them a business partner.
As an owner of a furniture store in Michigan, it was impossible to get financing when the recession started 5 years ago. Even our banks that we dealt with for years would not help us. ForwardLine came to the rescue with funding that I could not otherwise obtain from the banks. The process was quick and easy and ever since then we have established a great relationship with ForwardLine over the years. Now we use the extra funding to make special purchases to help expand our business."
~ Jim Shea | Monroe Furniture Plaza
"Thank you ForwardLine for continuing to help us grow.
We have done a tremendous amount of research into cash advances for more than 4 years before we discovered ForwardLine to have the most competitive rates. We have had a great experience with our representative, who understand the finite margins of a small business. ForwardLine is always flexible and willing to work with our needs, which is usually company facility improvements."
~ Jeremy Beaver | Listen Vision
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"FowardLine was very accommodating and easy to deal with.
They handled my financing quickly and helped me with the transition, and everyone I dealt with there was extremely nice. I would highly recommend their services!"
~ Laura Allen | Author and Educator
“This was the easiest loan I’ve ever received.
Thanks to ForwardLine we were able to recover from 2 Hurricanes back to back without a FEMA loan. This is our third renewal and each time it makes our business so much better. I feel bad for the small business owners that don’t know about ForwardLine and have to struggle unnecessarily. Don’t even waste time with the banks. Just go apply at”
~ Dona Piza | Prana Yoga Center
“I would highly recommend ForwardLine if you are in need of financing!
ForwardLine saved our Christmas Holiday Season by providing much needed funding for inventory. The process was fast, easy and now months later the ForwardLine staff continues to be accessible and ready to help.”
~ Timothy Bush | Oreck Stores of Los Angeles
“When I was really in a pinch, ForwardLine came through quickly, and without a ton of paperwork.
When I needed my rate lowered; you did it. Every time I had a question or a problem, you bailed me out within an hour of my phone calls or emails. You guys have always provided me with quick and efficient responses and service. You helped me get out from under higher interest rate companies who I felt were unscrupulous. I have always felt that ForwardLine really was trying to help me.”
~ Susie Priorie | Iris Restaurant
"From start to finish ForwardLine has been great. Thank You!
When I needed money quickly to purchase inventory for a sudden increase in our business, ForwardLine really came through for us. They helped us get the yarn we needed right away so we could fill our orders and meet our deadlines. Re-payments are easy because the amount is based on a percentage of our daily sales tickets…how easy is that? The whole process was hassle-free and I got the money quickly. There is no doubt that the people at ForwardLine truly care about our company and they want to see us succeed. They really made it easy for us to get the business capital we needed! No hassles, just help!
~ Amana Nova | Mango Moon Yarns
“Thank you for quality service!
ForwardLine offered me the opportunity to expand my business with a loan. What better way to deal with payments than have it deducted on a daily basis.”
~ Patricia Elliott | Paws Applause
“Thank you for your help!
If I’d known about ForwardLine sooner, I could have saved a lot of time and effort.”
~ Al Quahhaar | Al’s Black Belt Club
“I’m on my 4th loan with ForwardLine.
With their help, I have acquired 2 additional locations and business has never been better. Thanks ForwardLine!”
~ Raghunath Kurri | Firebird
“I thought business loans were just for the big guys.
I tried so many banks. Through ForwardLine, I got the capital I needed quickly.”
~ Richard Glass | Glass Hair Design
“The whole loan process was so simple.
I genuinely don’t believe it could be true. Then the money was wired into my account. Now I believe!”
~ Dennis Marino | The UPS store
“I would like to extend a big “Thank You” to Leonard Garcia & ForwardLine
for his immediate assistance to all my questions and concerns. Thanks again Leonard for going the extra mile, it’s very rare these days.”
~ Virginia Koen III | Joe Koan & Son Jewelers
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“We were finding it difficult to obtain funds to keep our business going during these hard economic times.
ForwardLine came to our rescue with honest and friendly personnel that did exactly what they said they were going to do. From Calvin in sales to Scott, Dwan & Jeff in processing, they all do their jobs excellently.”
~ Ralph Guadio | The G Boys Garden & Christmas Center
“Thank you everyone at ForwardLine for your splendid work!
Joseph Unger is a tremendous asset to your company. His efforts in helping us secure a ForwardLine loan were unceasing and allowed us to meet our time-table of much needed renovations prior to season beginning. I cannot thank him and the other members of the team for their help in securing us a much appreciated loan.”
~ Beverly Bartel | Apree Salon Day Spa
“Everyone I worked with at ForwardLine was very helpful.
I would like to thank Joe for making my experience with ForwardLine very easy and understandable. I will be working with them in the future.”
~ Angelo Spagnolo | I Pub LLC
”I feel 100% satisfied, thanks again for your help.
My experience is described as “excellent” and I have special respect and gratitude for Michael Lord and Elizabeth Pelayo. They are well prepared to work with a client. I wish you the best and many thanks for your help.”
~ Edel Toste-Castillo | Cuban Bakery
“Thank you to the ForwardLine staff for going above and beyond their duties.
My loan from ForwardLine helped me immensely with the remodeling of my restaurant.”
~ Gus Pappas | Palos Garden
“We look forward to a long business relationship with ForwardLine, as our business continues to grow and prosper!
We’ve been in business for 11 years. Our market is seasonal. ForwardLine was instrumental in helping obtain additional capital to assist with our winter manufacturing operations. Their rates were the best that we’ve found in the industry and they’re much easier than working with a bank for a typical small business loan. ForwardLine also helped us change to a new credit card processor to save additional money. Leonard and the rest of the staff at ForwardLine worked with us as if we were personal friends, and helped us navigate through the issues associated with obtaining small business funds during a time when most banks had no money available!”
~ Dave Hockaday | Scootworks
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“ForwardLine is a wonderful company to work with.
I have been working with them for several years now and I feel as though I have my own personal financial consultant. The staff at ForwardLine is the main ingredient for the company. They are professional, very knowledgeable and most of all make the job of borrowing money a hassle free experience. Financing with ForwardLine has enabled me as a family owned restaurateur to purchase new items for my business such as kitchen equipment, a security system and new flooring. My payments for ForwardLine are made daily from my credit card sales so I do not have to worry about the monthly payments being made. I would highly recommend ForwardLine to anyone who is in the need for financing for their company.”
~ Maryanne Marrit | Martin’s Restaurant
“I have never worked with a credit card company that has had such a personal one on one attention.
Anytime I have an issue of any kind Leonard takes care of it.”
Matthew Llewellyn | 23rd Street Brewery
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“If you are thinking about applying for a business loan, I would strongly recommend ForwardLine to you.
I’ve taken out a loan from ForwardLine twice, in 2009 and 2010. Unlike other big banks, I was not required to fill out endless paperwork and was able to get the loan approved quickly. Moreover, Scott, my account manager, constantly updated me with the application process and he was very supportive whenever I had a question. Indeed, he was very professional and serious about helping me and my business. Needless to say, ForwardLine is reliable and trustworthy, and most of all, they have a great customer service. I thank ForwardLine and Scott for their commitment in helping small business owners like me.”
~ John Kim | New Mimi Nail
“It was a pleasure to deal with everyone at ForwardLine from the first phone call.
The process was hassle free and quick. We appreciate all your help and look forward to having a long professional relationship with your company. “
~ Diana Fagan | Same Day Fuel Oil
“Everyone at ForwardLine was very polite and informative.
I was never made to feel as though my questions were not worth answering. Everyone was prompt and fulfilled their responsibilities in a timely manner. All in all it was a good transaction experience. “
~ Laurie Barrett | The Birdwalk
“One phone call, few faxes and you have the money.
Nothing easier than getting a loan at ForwardLine. Very happy with the service. Would recommend to other business owners."
~ Geoff Merritt | Geoff Merritt Salon
“A simple and hassle-free experience.
A great way to get quick money to support your business from very knowledgeable and friendly people!”
~ Ken Posten | Tender Loving Childcare Inc.
“ForwardLine helped tremendously in keeping our business viable during a difficult time when traditional lenders refused to help.
In addition to the funding, ForwardLine associates seemed to understand our position and they were always ready to assist when called upon. I would recommend ForwardLine as part of a comprehensive business plan to anyone in need of financial assistance.”
~ Roland Januzzi | Shoes For You by Januzzi
“Everyone I have worked with at ForwardLine is very professional & cooperative.
By obtaining financing for our business we were able to pay off debts. The rate offered by ForwardLine is very competitive.”
~ George Paris | Foot Solutions
“After dealing with a number of companies it was nice to find ForwardLine!
Not only does ForwardLine have great programs and response times, but they truly care about your day to day business and success!”
~ John Bullard | Leisure Lifestyles
“I really enjoyed working with Hamlit & Leonard, they walked me thru every step and I appreciate them greatly.
I’m always nervous when trying to get financing and their knowledge and patience really helped. Thanks guys.”
~ Sebrina Odom | Salon Alexis Simone
“ForwardLine provided working capital for my businesses at a rate far better than I was able to find from similar cash advance based credit card sales entities.
ForwardLine’s staff provided me with better processing rates that I had previously experienced. The application process was neither drawn out or cumbersome as I experienced with other providers. The process was very simple and provided me with an answer regarding my financing needs in a very immediate fashion. I found the staff at ForwardLine to be very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. I would gladly look to this group as opportunities present themselves in the future.”
~ Scott Webermeier | National Park Village/ The Country Supermarket
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“Thanks for your excellent service.”
I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for the way David Leibovitch handled my loan process with ForwardLine. This is my second such loan with ForwardLine, and the process with David was extremely streamlined, quick, and came with perfect timing. David was extremely helpful and always available during the entire loan process.”
~ Boris Milensky | Cool Liquors Beer & Wine
“Everyone at ForwardLine was friendly and courteous.
Working with this company was a pleasant experience. I would recommend your company to others.”
~ Joe Wallen | Jenkin Automotive
“ForwardLine was able to move quickly and get the deal funded on my schedule.
Having access to capital has made all the difference to my cash flow management. Thank you ForwardLine!”
~ Mark Arend | Quality Inn Winona
“It is so easy to work with ForwardLine and that is why we continue to come back.
We are able to purchase catering equipment and expand our current business because of this financing. Thank you for all your help!”
Scott Redstone | Durum Restaurant
“I switched processors to ForwardLine.
The changeover went really fast and smooth. It was a pleasure dealing with Grant & Leonard. The financing was able to help me with a major purchase for inventory for the fall/winter season.”
~ Marcus Jellen | Formal Image Inc.
Thanks to ForwardLine, I was able to renovate my business.”
I put in all new flooring & new TVs with the capital you folks provided & would do it again.”
~ Mark Greenleaf | Carolina Sports and Spirits
“While searching for financing in today’s credit tight financial market, ForwardLine proved to be the clear winner over every other company we met with.
From our very first conversation ForwardLine demonstrated a clear understanding to my financial needs. David went over and above to not only make sure those needs were met but worked in tandem with Jeff to make the transition as smooth as possible, Their terms were fair, reasonable and forthright, a rarity in today’s financial market…I could not endorse ForwardLine enough to anyone looking to secure financing for their small to medium sized business!”
~ James William Alexander | Winchester Wine & Spirits
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We highly recommend ForwardLine!”
We have used ForwardLine 3 times to get money to remodel our business and get our credit card debt paid off. The financing is easy and fast and the people that work there are professional and amazing. It’s the fastest way to get some extra money to do the things you need to do for your business."
Jeffrey Fry | The Color Studio & Salon
“The relationship I have with ForwardLine gives me confidence throughout the year knowing my restaurant can survive the ups and downs of the hospitality industry.
During the current economic times, when it seems impossible to get funding to improve business, it’s ForwardLine to the rescue!”
~ Jason Duggan | Santiago’s Bodega
“ForwardLine provided me with the financial assistance I needed to run my business, in record time.
I appreciated the friendly and professional service I received from Leonard. In the future, if I should need financial assistance, I will use ForwardLine again.”
~ Tony Fuller | Luber on Wheels
ForwardLine’s quick response and easy loan process has helped me in more than one instance.
Everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful and always got back to me in a timely manner. In the restaurant business time can be very valuable. If equipment breaks or the air conditioning goes out, you can lose customers which means lost income.”
~ Chad Lewis | TEN Sports Grill
“ForwardLine is a life saver.
They really came through for us in a financial pinch! They made the whole process simple and painless. Many thanks to ForwardLine.”
~ David Rotman | Café Aspen
“I had a very excellent experience with all the staff members at Forwardline especially Scott Park.
Mr. Park helped me through this loan process and explained it very clearly. My funds were available at the time promised. I am very pleased with Forwardline and will continue to do business with them.”
~ Kieu Huynh | Nail Flower
“I cannot say enough about ForwardLine or the employees that work there!
First of all the savings on the factor rate says enough, then the processing rate is just as ‘GREAT’. They went above and beyond the call of duty; this includes questions and concerns after the fact. I highly recommend this company…I look forward to a long lasting business relationship.”
~ William A. Rizzo | Stella's Restaurant
“The funding process was quick and hassle free.
We needed equipment for our new store that is opening soon and ForwardLine came through with flying colors. If you need money quick this is the way to go.”
~ Bobby Delmonico | Groovy Automotive
“ForwardLine is solid, prompt and has a great customer service staff.
ForwardLine came to the rescue. They offered immediate cash flow, saving my business. I will recommend ForwardLine to all business owners. They will help you in the success of your business and stay on top. Thank you ForwardLine.”
~ Raul Cantu | Pet World
Our loans helped us get different projects completed as prior to our busy sales period.”
Our loans helped us get different projects completed as prior to our busy sales period.”
~ Allan Holder | Pannikin Coffee & Tea
“Working with ForwardLine is a positive experience.
They call you back right away with answers you can count on – how good is that?”
~ Jeff Ceresaro | Pio Loco Restaurant
“Everyone I worked with at ForwardLine has been great.
They are professional and prompt and always seem to have the answers to our questions. It has allowed our business to continue to grow during hard economic times. It has been a pleasure doing business with ForwardLine and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”
~ Debbe Nass | Ultimate Tan & Spa
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“Leonard is great to work with.
Fast and easy. Made some equipment purchases uncomplicated.”
~ Gerd Ordelheide | Red Lion Inn Resort
“ForwardLine was the only lender I found who was willing to work with my mobile business--other lenders required a brick and mortar location.
I felt that my application was handled promptly and that I have excellent communication with the lender throughout the process. The loan I received helped me catch up on account payables after a difficult winter. Thank you!”
Michelle Bianco | Mid State Mobile Veterinary
“My loan with ForwardLine was a huge help in achieving some cosmetic and marketing needs of my café.
I was able to repaint the inside of the café with some the loan. It also gave me the ability to do additional marketing/advertising during the traditionally slow months of January & February.”
~ Michael Butti | Michael’s Bagel Café
“I have been very pleased working with ForwardLine. After a great deal of research I found their rates to be far better than anyone elses.
ForwardLine worked diligently with me to help process my application quickly and explained all the details. As a further bonus, I saved money switching my processing to them. The loan that we received gave us a cash reserve to prepare for the summer season & help us to build our customer base with increased advertising. It is nice to be able to have a little cushion in these tough economic times. I look forward to having a long relationship with them & would certainly recommend them to others.”
~ Claudia Hull | Joseph’s Winter St. Café
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“ForwardLine offers a great service and expedites funds to your business just when you need it.
ForwardLine delivers right away. You will love working with the staff at ForwardLine. Everyone is extremely nice, very knowledgeable and efficient. I am definitely glad I choose ForwardLine. Highly recommended.”
~ Barbara Vauter | Under the Mulberry Tree
“ForwardLine is a great short term way to expand business with operating capital.
They are professional, efficient & prompt with all our dealings.”
Joseph Aiello | Aiello’s
“Working with ForwardLine was a hassle-free experience.
I would recommend ForwardLine to every small business owner looking to borrow money.”
Russell Hockey | Nationwide Linen Rentals
"I always felt like the team at ForwardLine had our best interest in mind.
They were all very professional and helpful. I never felt pressure from them, even when our credit card sales were sporadic during slower times; they never pressured us and were always willing to work with us to insure our business was not impacted. I would highly recommend ForwardLine to anyone in need of funding for their business. It was truly a great experience working with everyone."
William & Kathleen Wallace | Store With Style
"Forwardline’s process for integrating their credit card system into our business model was seamless.
The way we pay our monthly payment allows flexibility for cash-flow control. These key items are the reasons we felt that ForwardLine was a suitable choice for a lender. This partnership actually saves us money on our credit card transaction fees. These savings can then be calculated into the overall interest rate—making a loan from ForwardLine an even better alternative to conventional lending. We were able to receive our funds in a couple of days, making the much needed move to a larger facility, a reality that could be attained quickly. The first three years of business are the hardest, and to make it even harder—getting a conventional loan can be impossible. I would suggest ForwardLine to any small business that is in that growing phase where conventional lending may be unattainable."
Sky Pace | Brix Beverage
"I will give ForwardLine an A+ across the board.
Everyone I talked to especially Jenny was so informative and helped me understand all parts of the funding. I was so impressed that I changed my merchant account to ForwardLine, too. Amon was very nice and helped me with that part of it. Last evening our machine batched and the funds were there this morning. I feel like screaming to everyone to please use your company if they need anything done. I will be telling all my business owner friends…and I have a lot, about your company. I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce and will mention this to them too. I spoke to a lot of funders and when I received your letter in the mail, instead of throwing it away (like I usually do) I actually opened it and called and spoke to Joel. He put me in touch with Jenny and away we went."
Dianne Peeler | Chez Julie's Florist
"ForwardLine makes borrowing money easy and that helps me so much.
I can't thank Scott and ForwardLine enough for working with me and my business. I am able to keep my business replenished in a timely fashion, affordability."
Cathy Ketchum | The Headquarters Salon & Wigs Store