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Our Customer Reviews

“ForwardLine helped us get through the slower months.
Working with ForwardLine was simple and easy. The process was minimal and the people were great to work with. We will definitely do business again in the future.”
~ Jeffrey J. Lencioni | Docks Bar & Grill
“Rates far better than I found with other merchant cash advance companies.
ForwardLine provided working capital for my businesses at a fantastic rate and ultimately provided me with better processing rates than I had previously experienced. The process was very simple and provided me with answers regarding my financing needs in a very immediate fashion.”
~ Scott Webermeier | National Park Village & The Country Supermarket
“I got many, many offers, but after comparing rates, I chose ForwardLine.
The whole process was easy compared to the runaround the banks gave me; and the funding was quick. The support personnel were fantastic, too. James and Jeff were always available during the whole process and after. They truly know the meaning of customer service.”
~ Linda Keenan | California Drawstrings
“The financing allowed me to move my franchise forward and gain an advantage over my competitors.
ForwardLine is truly a professional organization—easy to work with, and very understanding. I highly recommend ForwardLine to every small business owner.”
~ DJ Denn| Godfather’s Pizza
“You have helped us grow from one store to 12 in less than three years.
Thanks, ForwardLine for all you've done for Pepper Palace. As we move into the future, ForwardLine will remain our first source of borrowing. You guys are a great financial resource for small businesses.”
~ Craig Migawa | Pepper Palace
“After dealing with a number of companies, it was nice to find ForwardLine!
Not only do they have great programs and response times, but they truly care about your day-to-day business and success!”
~ John Bullard | Leisure Lifestyles
“It’s the fastest way to get some extra money to do the things you need to do for your business.
We have used ForwardLine to get money to remodel our business. The financing is easy and fast, and the people that work there are professional and amazing. We highly recommend it.”
~ Jeffrey & Pam Fry | The Color Studio & Salon
“This company is solid, prompt, and has a great customer service staff.
ForwardLine offered immediate cash flow, funding my business through a type of financing program I’d never heard of before. I recommend ForwardLine to all business owners – they will help you and your business succeed and stay on top.”
~ Raul Cantu | Pet World

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